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You are visiting our Web Shop where you can find innovative products.
Products like: Door loops, Active infrared detection ( AIR ), Magnetic contacts, 
REED switch contacts, RF handheld transmitter kits with a receiver, and other products.

Who can buy at Fluxio Online:
Contractors - Hardware dealers - Security installers - Access control company’s - 
Manufacturers of windows and doors – Locksmith Specialists - Wholesalers/Distributors.

How does this Web Shop work.
Fluxio Online delivers to three categories of companies. 
Small consumers, major consumer and wholesalers/distributors.
Prices excluding VAT :
The prices mentioned are GROSS prices.
You can register or send an email directly .
You tell us who you are and what products you are interested in.
We will contact you as soon as possible.
You can order by registering as a regular customer or you can order without a registration.
Payment terms are prepayment by proforma invoice or on an account with a payment period of 30 days. 
The choice depends on the creditworthiness of your company.
Fluxio - Online uses three tariff groups and related discount prices, namely small and large consumers and wholesalers.
The tiers are from:
1 pc
2 pcs
5 pcs
10 pcs
50 pcs
100 pcs
If you think you qualify for certain discounts, please contact our sales team: sales@fluxio-online.nl
Fluxio Online has a number of products that are limited in supply.
If the product is not in stock , we can deliver the product depending on the
amount, within + / - 15 days’.

For questions please call us: +31 475 56 50 93
Mail for general business to: Info@fluxio-online
For export, you can also contact us by e-mail. export@fluxio-online.nl
FLUXIO ONLINE-shop is one of the activities of IWEPRO-Security Solutions (ISS)